Ottawa Modern Furniture Trainyards


LD Shoppe is the retail store of Leclair Decor, a husband and wife owned residential design firm based out of Ottawa, Canada. Our decorating & design business has been rapidly growing over the past few years and to better serve our clients we decided to open a store to showcase our favourite products from our favourite manufacturers. In September 2017 we opened our first brick and mortar showroom to compliment our online offerings. In December 2018 we opened a new 4200 sq ft location at the Ottawa Trainyards. 2019 saw us expand our showroom to just under 10000 sq ft. 

Why shop with us? Think of us as your local mom and pop shop, of the internet. We're a small family owned business and we strive to provide personalized customer service. We're passionate about well designed, stylish and practical long lasting furniture, rugs, art, lighting, and decor. We use the products we showcase on this site ourselves and recommend them to clients. We're confident you'll love them too!