Community matters to us, both locally and globally. 

We're committed to making a difference in every way we can. 

We are invested in supporting other small and local businesses in a variety of ways. We continue to grow our curated collection with a growing number of small creative vendors as well as working with local woodworkers to create LD Collections for our shop. Check out our Vigtig Collection and Nordic Wood Colelction! We host Night Markets to gather our community for an evening of fun to connect with local makers. This is such a passion for us to be able to help others in their missions to provide products and services in their area. 



As part of our commitment to helping our community, we donate monthly to Habitat for Humanity, Ottawa Food Bank, Ottawa Humane Society, Nutrients for Life and Black Health Alliance. With every purchase you help to support these amazing foundations.  

C O M M U N I T Y  P R O J E C T
We also recently completed our first round of a new initiative called the Community Project.  We assembled a team of trades and sponsors to help us create a beautiful, inviting gathering space for a deserving family in our community.
Check out our first makeover here!
Our hope is that this initiative will serve to brighten a local family’s life by transforming their space and making it feel a little more like home. 

In Times of Need
We have and will continue to support a variety of causes in times of need. The Red Cross when a local or global disaster takes place.  A monetary donation to The Cancer Society or a gift box for a local fundraiser to help a member of our community in need.  We love to help gather toys and essentials around the holiday season to ensure the kids at Cheo have lots of goodies to keep them busy and entertained while they heal.